Photography provides me opportunity and reason to explore my surroundings.  I take the majority of my images within five miles of where I live.  I learned early on that I don't need to travel to make interesting photos if I place myself in an environment that is visually stimulating and peeks my interest.

I generally head out on foot to photograph and simply start looking around.  Eventually, I see things that have the building blocks for a good photograph; a bit of color that grabs my eye, a home nestled in its environment in a particular way, a bit of light falling across a wall.  I like to shoot in quiet places that allow me the opportunity to think and explore.

My goal is to take everyday scenery and elevate its status.  I take pictures in working class neighborhoods, urban, and industrial settings.  These places present me with colors, shapes, and textures I can use to make strong compositions.

My work is very much about seeing, about looking at where I live for something different and interesting, something that normally gets overlooked.  I’d like to think that it is about finding beauty in the mundane.